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Rawhiti Finance Limited

We used to use a large debt collection company but were not getting results from them. From 15 files we had sent them, we were lucky to have received one lot of payment back. Since changing to CollectIT Ltd we have been extremely happy with the results they are achieving for our company and the feedback they provide. Every month we get an update on our files, plus money! Their follow up is excellent and if anything changes with our debtors we are informed. 

Shannan Read - Office Manager
Ph: 07 888 7033

Caci Hamilton & Caci Mt Maunganui

We have used CollectIT for the last two years.  It’s so easy and a great price for the service. Sometimes it’s too easy to write off a bad debt as it seems too hard to follow up with the client and deal with the fall out. Using this service takes all of that out of it. I would recommend using CollectIT.

Ross & Ange McAinch, Owner/Operator
Ph: 07 839 2993

CollectIT Results

What's in a Name?

When you are in business, getting a new customer is a great feeling…  You get to grow your income, develop new and potentially long-term relationships and show how well you can do what you do!Read more

Travel Industry

CollectIT’s client (Client A) in the travel industry was owed $13,057.11 by an ex-employee who had promised to repay the money. Funds were misappropriated in 2007 and although some payments hadRead more

Small Business Sale

CollectIT's client B sold a lawn mowing business, and generously left approximately $25,000 in the business allowing the new owner to get established and then repay the amount. As you've alreadyRead more

Signed Credit Application Form puts the cost onto debtors …

CollectIT was engaged to pursue a sole trader from Dunedin who owed our client invoices worth $12,612. Once it was put into the hands of CollectIT, interest was oncharged as well as collection costs Read more

Why terms of trade are important no matter what the size of the debt...

Our client - in the advertising industry was owed a total of $462 by a client in Christchurch. The debtor promised to pay on many occasions and never did. As our client was able to charge interestRead more


Our client - in the advertising industry was owed $1,200 by a sole trader in Christchurch for advertising carried out. Debtor B disputed the amount claiming the advertising never took place despiteRead more

Logistics Industry

This was the comment made to CollectIT by a client referred by their Accountant. The client desperately needed some assistance with slow payers and bad debts, but had had poor results from other debtRead more


Our client had carried out irrigation work for a company in Napier and the job had run smoothly with the client paying installments as and when requested. There had been no concerns with the job soRead more

Tenacity pays off …

CollectIT began pursuing a debt for an Auckland Accountant in April 2013 when the debt was 18 months old. After approximately 20 unsuccessful attempts at contact which included text messaging,Read more

So many outstanding accounts you don't know where to start?

CollectIT's client (an Accountant) had a pile of files that he had not been paid for and was procrastinating about whether to pursue them or not. He decided he had nothing to lose by sending them in Read more

Accounting Industry

Sometimes an outside negotiator who knows what they’re doing makes the difference ... CollectIT was engaged by a large accounting firm after the firm had spent two years chasing money owed by oneRead more

Sometimes you need to go the whole way!

A Cambridge builder built a beautiful new home for his client. When he sent in his final invoice for $6,387.02, there was no payment forthcoming. The builder had undertaken a labour only contract andRead more

Debt Collection

Ledger Management


Terms of Trade + Credit