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So many outstanding accounts you don't know where to start?

CollectIT's client (an Accountant) had a pile of files that he had not been paid for and was procrastinating about whether to pursue them or not. He decided he had nothing to lose by sending them in to CollectIT and so forwarded 11 files. 

Within the first three days one file was paid. By the end of the first week another file had been paid. After CollectIT had been working the files for only six weeks, six out of the 11 files had been paid and closed. This amounted to $10,500 for the Hamilton Accountant - definitely worth his while getting CollectIT involved! And because the Accountant had terms of trade with each of his clients, using CollectIT's services has cost him nothing.

Of the remaining five files, three went through court.  Judgment was obtained in our clients favour and these debts have been settled in full or the debtor is repaying as per the court order.  The other two files were still being pursued by CollectIT at the time of writing this.

Our client is $15,500 better off and very happy with CollectIT's services and results.