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CollectIT provides a full debt collection service throughout New Zealand

Having trouble meeting your obligations due to slow and non-payment? 

Fed up chasing after Debtors? 

Are you worried about cash flow?

Or… do you simply not have enough hours in the day to chase?

Our industry-leading success rate is achieved through an underlying belief in our clients' right to be paid in a
timely fashion for the work they have done, and a desire to maintain a courteous and
respectful relationship with debtors on behalf of our clients. 

By visiting this site, you have already taken the most difficult step to recovering your debt.

Contact CollectIT, follow our simple process and let us do the rest. 


The sooner a debt is pursued, the more likely it is that we can achieve a positive result.  The CollectIT team will pursue overdue accounts on your behalf in a persistent and ethical manner to give you the best chance of being paid what you are owed.


CollectIT can assist with your day-to-day management of your Debtors -  freeing you up to concentrate on your business while getting paid faster and reducing the need for our full Debt Collection Service.


Need to run a check on your commercial client or an individual before you give them credit? CollectIT can do this for you.


It is really important to ensure that your clients are being issued with your terms of trade before work is carried out. If you need terms of trade or credit application forms, CollectIT is able to provide these.


Sometimes a field visit from a CollectIT representative to Debtors' addresses will obtain payment or the information obtained will assist you in deciding whether to take any further action on the file, ie. Court proceedings.


Looking to purchase something and want to double check there is no finance owing?  With CollectIT, put your mind at ease before making a purchase, large or small, with a simple check to make sure that what you are buying is legally available for purchase.