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Are you worried that you’ll never see money owed to you or your business?

Are you having trouble fulfilling your obligations to IRD, paying suppliers, paying your loyal staff or predicting cash flow?

Put your business bank account back in the black

  • You've done the work - and you're not paid for it. Hardly fair is it?

  • You've paid for the labour and the materials - and your late-paying client has failed to reimburse you. How long can your business stay afloat when you are bankrolling your clients' businesses in this way?

  • You're a good manager - but you hate chasing outstanding accounts. Isn't this a good time to hand over that task to someone who has the answer to typical debtor responses at their fingertips?

  • You're owed money by a valued client, and you don't want to risk losing them by chasing them for payment. Did you really intend to donate your goods and services?

  • You're struggling to get a good night's sleep, knowing that someone else is sitting on money that belongs to you. Wouldn't you feel a burden was lifted when you handed your ongoing ledger management and debt collection to CollectIT?

CollectIT provides a full debt collection service throughout New Zealand. Our industry-leading success rate is achieved through an underlying belief in our clients' right to be paid in a timely fashion for the work they have done, and a desire to maintain a courteous and respectful relationship with debtors on behalf of our clients.A sure indication of CollectITs professionalism is when debtors repay their debt to us, then engage CollectIT to pursue their own overdue accounts.

By visiting this site, you have already taken the most difficult step to recovering your debt.

Contact CollectIT, follow our simple process and let us do the rest. 

Would you prefer to get on with running your business rather than following up your slow payers? We help with that, too.

It's all about cash flow - for every business whether you are small, medium or large - and wherever you are situated in New Zealand.

Debt Collection

You want to be among the first creditors to be paid by your defaulting client.

CollectIT staff deal politely and respectfully with your debtors with the aim of having them pay their debt to you while still remaining loyal clients.

Act quickly while your debtor may still be able to pay you.

Lodge your debt here right away.

Ledger Management

Imagine how easily you could plan your business growth if you could be certain that the majority of your clients were going to pay on time.

CollectIT's professional, tactful and quietly persistent staff will stay on the case of your habitual late-payers, training them to pay you on time.

Ask CollectIT to take time-consuming ledger management off your hands today.

Our Results

At CollectIT Ltd we are driven to get results. 

These are achieved by following a system written by our company, the only system of its kind in NZ, resulting in CollectIT’s involvement with hundreds of successful and paid up accounts.

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CollectIT’s service is superior to other companies we’ve used in the past. I am impressed with their ability to get money out of people quickly when we have been chasing them for some time.

Catherine Starr
Evans Bailey Lawyers

When I engaged CollectIT to carry out Ledger Management for a client of mine, it was a huge weight off my mind. I knew that I could leave it to the team at CollectIT and the slow payers would get followed up every week.

Sarah Cowan

We have used both the Ledger Management and debt collection services at CollectIT for several months and have received payment for accounts that were long overdue for payment. Some of our more errant debtors have finally paid and this has meant that we have a healthier bank account, reduced stress and we identify issues with clients must faster.

Michael McCook



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