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Some debtors think we'll go away!

Our client - in the advertising industry was owed $1,200 by a sole trader in Christchurch for advertising carried out.

Debtor B disputed the amount claiming the advertising never took place despite being provided with evidence showing dates and times, so off to the Disputes Tribunal the case went. At the hearing Debtor B requested certain information was supplied to him so another hearing time was granted.

Debtor B did not show up to the next hearing and so Client M presented their case and received a court order in their favour.

Following this Debtor B claimed they were never advised of the new date and so requested another hearing. At the third hearing the order once again was granted in Client M's favour.

For a period of three months Debtor B continued to argue the order with CollectIT stating that he had gone to the Broadcasting Standards Authority, the Police, Commerce Commission, Office of the Ombudsmen about Client M.

Nothing ever eventuated from all these threats. CollectIT enforced the court order, Debtor B commenced repayments and the debt was fully settled within five months.