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Why terms of trade are important no matter what the size of the debt...

Our client - in the advertising industry was owed a total of $462 by a client in Christchurch. The debtor promised to pay on many occasions and never did. As our client was able to charge interest and recover collection costs CollectIT recommended proceeding to court. Our client was dubious due to the small amount involved but when CollectIT explained that under the terms of the agreement the debtor had signed with them, all costs would be added to the claim, instructions to proceed were granted.

CollectIT continued to carry out further follow up after the debtor was served his court documents advising that the deadline for payment was drawing near and that if payment was not received a court order would be obtained.

The debt was settled in full with payment of over $1,000 and CollectIT did not have to go as far as obtaining the court order.

Our client received the outstanding invoice amount, interest, collection costs, process server costs and court costs. It cost them nothing.