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Ignorance doesn't work ...

Our client had carried out irrigation work for a company in Napier and the job had run smoothly with the client paying installments as and when requested. There had been no concerns with the job so it came as a surprise to the creditor when his final $10,000 invoice went unpaid.

CollectITs client wasted no time in handing the matter over for assistance. When CollectIT was asked to recover this debt, it was two months overdue.

The debtor decided ignorance was the best way to handle the outstanding amount - assuming that if he didn’t respond, the debt and CollectIT would all go away. Unfortunately for him, this approach did not work.

The debtor then raised a dispute (also wrongly assuming that if he made it difficult, CollectIT and the creditor would go away). CollectIT responded by preparing a claim for its client in the disputes tribunal. The disputes tribunal referee found in CollectITs’ clients favour.

CollectIT chased the debtor, handled all the paperwork for its client, an order was obtained in the Disputes Tribunal and the debtor paid - Successful debt collection in Napier!