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Small Business Sale

CollectIT's client B sold a lawn mowing business, and generously left approximately $25,000 in the business allowing the new owner to get established and then repay the amount.

As you've already guessed, the fact that it was placed in CollectIT's hands, means the debt was never repaid!

The debtor did not respond to the many letters, phone calls, texts or even messages left with family.

CollectIT were instructed to proceed with court action and a Notice of Claim was served on the debtor; however, the debtor failed to respond and as a result a court order was issued.  The debtor failed to pay as ordered by the court.

CollectIT were then instructed by Client B to proceed with enforcement.  On attempting to serve judgment it was found the debtor had moved.  After a number of enquiries the whereabouts of the debtor was established. 

The debtor finally answered his mobile phone at which time they were informed that a warrant had been issued for their arrest and eventually the matter was resolved.

CollectIT worked on this file for a total of 18 months; however, without the perseverance of both our client and CollectIT this debtor would never have repaid this debt.

The debtor is making weekly repayments toward this debt. It is going to take a very long time to pay off and the final amount ordered to pay was almost $35,000 - most certainly a well deserved result for our client.