Debt collecting is an essential business service and it is important to choose people you can trust, after all it’s YOUR money. 

At CollectIT we are proud of how we conduct our business, in a professional, ethical manner and by treating our clients as we ourselves would like to be treated. 

Debt Collection

You want to be among the first creditors to be paid by your defaulting client.

CollectIT staff deal politely and respectfully with your debtors with the aim of having them pay their debt to you while still remaining loyal clients.

Act quickly while your debtor may still be able to pay you. Lodge your debt here right away.

Ledger Management

Imagine how easily you could plan your business growth if you could be certain that the majority of your clients were going to pay on time.

CollectIT's professional, tactful and quietly persistent staff will stay on the case of your habitual late-payers, training them to pay you on time.

Ask CollectIT to take time-consuming ledger management off your hands today.


Credit Checks

Need to run a check on your commercial client or an individual before you give them credit? CollectIT can do this for you. Click here for costs and to get started. 

Terms of Trade and Credit Application Forms

It is really important to ensure that your clients are being issued with your terms of trade before work is carried out. If you need terms of trade or credit application forms, CollectIT is able to provide these.

Field Visits

Sometimes a field visit to debtors' addresses will obtain payment or the information obtained will assist you in deciding whether to take any further action on the file, ie. Court proceedings.

At CollectIT Ltd we:

  • Boast an industry leading success rate of more than 70%. This means that businesses are getting their outstanding money sooner and improving their cash flow.
  • Value transparency – there are no surprise bills or costs. Our clients are always able to make informed decisions as to whether it is cost effective to move onto the next step to pursue outstanding money.
  • Actively pursue the debtors and keep our clients up to date with the process, which allows them to focus on with their core business.
  • Utilise the court system without charging lawyers costs which ensures the whole process is cost effective for our clients and providing a further step a client can take if debtors are not paying.
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