About Us

It's all about cash flow - for every business whether you are small, medium or large. 
We are a small and growing team at CollectIT, completely and utterly focused on achieving results for our clients.

When Catherine Clark and Melanie O’Neill decided to set up a debt collection agency, they had two guiding principles in mind:

  1. To assist businesses with debtor management without them compromising existing relationships.
  2. To create a process that enabled businesses to collect their debts no matter how big or small.

They were aware many local businesses were failing due to a lack of cash flow. And so CollectIT Ltd began as a ‘do-it-yourself’ system that enabled their clients to chase their own debtors all the way through their legal options without needing a lawyer or debt collection agency.

Says Catherine: “It soon became apparent that there were many business’ wanting our fantastic results but wanting us to do it for them, given that this is our area of expertise”. And so CollectIT Ltd expanded and began to offer their clients a service where CollectIT takes care of their client's debt collection.

Despite the global financial crisis crushing many businesses (new and established), CollectIT has continued to grow and win business by exceeding our client’s expectations.

Since 2007 their goal has been to provide exemplary service and achieve excellent results for all of their clients. At CollectIT our plan is to continue to the best debt collection agency in the market by providing outstanding results for our clients.