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CollectIT's Privacy Statement

CollectIT values your privacy. It will never give, lease, sell or otherwise disclose your personal information.

CollectIT does not sell, rent, loan, trade or lease any personal information collected by its Website including contact forms, download requests or e-mail lists.

CollectIT does collect information about how people use its Website, in order to improve the value of the Website and materials available to its clients.

Individuals and companies join CollectIT’s mailing lists and are added to its e-mail data base.

CollectIT does not sell, rent, loan, trade or lease these addresses or lists to anyone. Furthermore, e-mail software is configured so as not to divulge e-mail addresses of the subscriber to anyone but authorised CollectIT staff.

CollectIT will only send e-mails to those who wish to receive such e-mails. If you do not want to receive e-mails from CollectIT please use the “unsubscribe link” located at the bottom of our e-mail communications.