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Are you aware you can report spam texts?

Most readers will be aware that sending emails which do not have an 'unsubscribed' button or a process to unsubscribe is against the law.

These emails can be reported under the unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 to the Department of Internal Affairs electronic messaging compliance.

CollectIT described this area fully in a newsletter a couple of years ago.

What readers may be unaware of is that in June 2012 the Department of Internal Affairs launched a new spam reporting tool for mobile device users.

This tool makes it easy for use of mobiles, smartphones and hand held devices to complain about text spam.

Since the introduction of this tool in June 2012 the Department of Internal Affairs claims that the number of spam texts reported has increased by 500% in the first six months.

Prior to the launch of this tool a person who wanted to report a spam text had to forward the text and then log onto the Departments website later to provide more details. This apparently discouraged many people.

Now with the launch of this new tool a spam text is reported by forwarding the message free of charge to SPAM (7726) you will then receive a text message response containing a hyperlink to a site where you can provide further information about your complaint.