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Why does CollectIT have an industry leading success rate?

'The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will' - Vince Lombardi.

Small Business - CollectIT employs four staff who are focused on doing the very best for each and everyone of our clients. Our systems and processes are excellent and we continue to improve these in order to offer our clients a pleasant experience in an area of business that can be stressful and highly emotional. This allows our clients to get on with their core business.

Personalised service - Generally there is the same person working on your files which means that the conversations with debtors sometimes become personal and debtors feel they are letting CollectIT down as well as their creditor, if payments are not made.

Transparent - There are no surprise bills or costs. Our clients are always able to make informed decisions as to whether it is cost effective to move onto the next step to pursue outstanding money.

Negotiating - So often it is about how we are using words in both the oral and written sense and our team at CollectIT is very good at negotiating. It helps that we understand and have had experience with the law around debt collection and the court systems enabling us to negotiate with confidence.

If you have a couple of minutes take a look at this YouTube video which was sent to me the other day showing how powerful words can be - nothing to do with debt collection but it does reinforce my point about using the right words.
The Power of Words