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Money isn't everything . . . but it ranks right up there with oxygen - Rita Davenport)

Do you want your clients followed up as soon as your invoices are overdue, but do not have the time or resources? CollectIT can help you. We offer a Ledger Management service and our clients are astounded by the results. Ledger Management is carried out prior to debt collection.

At CollectIT we offer Ledger Management because we know the importance of positive cashflow to run a successful business.

The advantages of outsourcing your ledger management to CollectIT:
  • You are not having to pay staff wages, PAYE, holiday pay, sick leave, KiwiSaver, ACC or training costs to chase outstanding money.
  • You have more time to focus on your core business, producing greater profit.
  • Overdue accounts will be followed up on a weekly basis resulting in clients paying sooner.
  • Improved cash flow.

Results always speak the greatest volume and our clients using this service have not only improved their cashflow but this in turn has reduced their stress levels and enabled them to focus on gathering more clients and building a more profitable business.

Specifically, one of our clients in the food distribution industry had approximately $50,000 outstanding when CollectIT was employed to begin ledger management. Within the first month $43,000 had been paid. Amazing the power of follow up

If we can be of assistance with your ledgers, please get in touch with us on info@collectit.co.nz or 07 834 9111