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Serving Court Documents Overseas

Have you ever NOT pursued a debt owing to you because your debtor has moved or lives overseas? You should not let that stop you as the New Zealand court system has specific rules to allow overseas debtors to be served.

The first point to make is that you don't need the Court's permission to sue a debtor overseas, you are perfectly entitled to do so in most cases.

When you make your application, list the overseas address and country where your debtor lives. The court will process your application and will include when it releases the documents for service, different information for your debtor to receive upon service.

The main difference will be a longer time period than for debtors living in New Zealand to defend your claim.

If you don't know the overseas address of your debtor other option for service are available so you can pursue your claim. 

These include:
  • service on your debtor's relative or friends
  • service by Facebook
  • service by email