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Rush Jobs

Have you ever had a client telephone you in a panic?  Their job is urgent, they need it done now, it can’t wait!

Like the good conscientious business owner that you are, you oblige them.  You put off your other planned work, and get straight on to theirs.

The client is extremely grateful and can’t thank you enough.  Send your bill straight away they say, we will fix you up immediately.

You send your bill out and it is not paid!

Sound familiar?

A large number of the debts CollectIT receives to recover are those where a customer has made contact and required something done urgently.  Because of the “urgency” surrounding the job and your willingness to provide a fast, efficient service and to assist the customer in their time of need, usually the normal paperwork is overlooked.

When payment is not forthcoming, you are left with an unpaid debt, limited contact details for your creditor and no agreed terms of trade.  CollectIT’s advice is simple – you, the business owner, must protect yourself.  Make sure you obtain full contact details and the relevant paperwork (ie. credit application forms and terms of trade) from every client, no matter the urgency.

There will be no problem getting the client to sign up prior to the work starting.  Remember, they have an urgent situation, they need you now!

The requirement to complete your paperwork prior to the work starting is easily explained.  You explain to your client you have had problems in the past with people promising to pay and then going back on their word.  Your client will understand.  If they don’t and refuse to complete your pre-work requirements, then in CollectIT’s view, you need to consider whether you want them as a client.

If you are in the situation of not having the paperwork and are embarrassed to ask for help - Don't be! CollectIT can assist you with your current debt  - please call the CollectIT office on 07 834 9111 or email on info@collectit.co.nz. Alternatively if you need a Credit Application Form or Terms of Trade to get your paperwork tidied up, please get in touch 07 834 9111 or info@collectit.co.nz.