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Are Slow Payers Undermining Your Business?

CollectIT can take away that pain and save you a lot of money with their ledger management service.

CollectIT ensures that your accounts receivable are managed every week and slow payers are followed up regularly. That means you get paid promptly and should your customers’ have any concerns, these are identified and addressed in a timely manner.
CollectIT will take away the hassle of credit control leaving you free to concentrate on growing your business. By staying on top of your ledger your customers will stay current and won’t slip into the overdue column.

Why outsource your ledger management to CollectIT?

•    Improved cashflow
•    Reduced administration costs – no PAYE, no holiday pay, no sick leave, no kiwisaver, no ACC, no staff training time, no maternity leave, no fraud.
•    No staff responsibility
•    Your customers will be re-trained to pay on time 
•    Enables you to focus on your core business and generate profit
•    Tailored to suit your businessThe task of ledger management is often overlooked internally due to a lack of time or an unwillingness to pursue customers for money.

Here is a results story for one of our clients…

CollectIT Ltd began ledger management for a food distribution company who were experiencing cashflow problems. Sadly the pressures and stresses from the lack of cashflow in the business had caused the owner of the business to have a nervous breakdown prior to getting CollectIT involved.

In the first month that CollectIT’s ledger management service was engaged, $50,000 was outstanding. After only 1 month of work carried out, $43,000 had been paid. The cost of outsourcing their ledger management to CollectIT for that first month was $1,500 – a very cost effective service result!

At CollectIT we love seeing the results from our Ledger Management service as they make such a difference to businesses being able to grow because of cashflow coming in.

But what do our clients say? 

When I engaged CollectIT to carry out Ledger Management for a client of mine, it was a huge weight off my mind. I knew that I could leave it to the team at CollectIT and the slow payers would get followed up every week. The calls were always extremely professional, yet friendly and the feedback from the customers being followed up was always very positive. However, the whole reason for outsourcing the ledger management was cashflow, and the difference CollectIT made was massive and immediate. Thank you!
Sarah Cowan, Director, Ariel Accounting