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Debt, Stress and Your Health

Money concerns are among the leading causes of stress and anxiety.

A recent survey found that money worries continue to plague us and serve as a significant source of stress for 64% of adults, ranking higher than the other three major sources: work, family responsibilities and health problems.

Nearly three out of four adults said they felt stressed about money at least some of the time. More than a quarter reported that their stress was extreme and that they fretted about money most or all of the time.

So combine money worries and work worries and you have a time bomb on your hands!

Family life and health suffer as a result, creating additional stress.What stops you taking the necessary steps to tackle your slow payers?

Debt snowballs! And so does stress!!

The health risks range from ulcers and migraines to heart attacks. Many business owners will have poor sleep patterns, experience anxiety on a daily basis, feel miserable, lose interest in their business leading to neglect of your most vital protective factors during times of adversity; family friends, community, purpose and service.

There are solutions!! Take the next step!!

By putting CollectIT in charge of collecting your overdue dollars you will experience the following:
* Lots of money saved

* Elimination of emotional and financial pain that debtors bring
* Plenty of time and energy to focus on growing your business
* Credit and ledger management under expert control
* Happiness!

If you are in business and experiencing stress or anxiety help is available.For details of a complimentary session click here for more information. This article was written by Linda Wells, a Health and Performance Coach. Linda assists business owners to increase their emotional resilience and reduce their stress and anxiety. She runs a clinic for private clients, works with people in leadership and business, and educates and informs people through keynote speaking at conferences, seminars and interest groups.  

Contact Linda at linda@outcomesunlimited.co.nz    www.outcomesunlimited.co.nz