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Do you want to be paid before Christmas?

We only have a month to go before the Christmas break is upon us and that means taking action and sending any overdue debts into CollectIT, TODAY! I came across this quote (Yesterday you said tomorrow) which I thought was so apt for those of us chasing clients to pay. How often have you been told ..... yes, I can pay that tomorrow ... and tomorrow just doesn't seem to come. We understand that every business wants to look after their clientele and work alongside them but if your client has not paid you three months after the invoice was due, then it really is time to take further action. The longer a debt is left, hoping that the client will be true to their word, the more difficult it is to collect. Perhaps one of our clients have summed it up best ...."People think that a large accountancy firm is all about the numbers and the fees – it’s not. Nothing matters more to us than helping our clients to be successful. We really care about their business and helping them achieve their goals. So consequently few things are more difficult in our office than having to chase fees for work done. And from that you can well imagine that it is extremely difficult to realise that the only way to possibly collect that income is via debt collection. All other options have failed. This makes your choice of collection agent vital because not only do you want the money; you also want someone who is going to be very professional, good to deal with  - even over difficult matters like old debts, someone who will make the process as positive as it could possibly be for you and your client. That someone will be the team at CollectIT. The team at CollectIT are easy to deal with, will represent your business well while doing a difficult job and if it is possible they will secure payments and work with you every step of the way. So if debtors are a concern in your business and you want them handled well – give Catherine and the team a call, it will be one of the best calls you make.
John Brosnan, Human Resources & Business Development Advisor
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