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How can CollectIT assist with your financial goals in 2017?

Are you feeling angry with your debtors for not paying? Are your slow payers keeping you awake at 3am? Did you have friends complaining about their debtors over the summer break?

There is no need to be embarrassed about your ledger when you phone CollectIT. We would love to help you achieve your cash flow goals in 2017 and would welcome a discussion about your debt/s. Our newsletter below outlines some reasons why choosing CollectIT makes good financial sense. An industry leading success rate of more than 70%This means businesses are getting their outstanding money sooner and improving their cash flow. The team at CollectIT have an underlying belief in our clients' right to be paid in a timely fashion for the work they have done. A sure indication of CollectIT's professionalism is when debtors repay their debt to us, then engage CollectIT to pursue their own overdue accounts.

There are no surprise bills or costs. CollectIT's clients are always able to make an informed decision as to whether it is cost effective to move onto the next step to pursue outstanding money. 

Empowering our clients
When they are struggling to recover bad debts, business owners often feel helpless. They feel anxious about making the frequent and potentially uncomfortable calls that are required to bring in money owed. Irritability and sleepless nights can be the result of a situation that is not of their making.When you contact CollectIT there is no reason to feel bad or embarrassed about having money outstanding. Clients accept goods and services knowing full well that they will be charged an agreed amount, to be paid by a specified date. The responsibility to pay lies with the debtor. As they are emotionally removed from the situation, the CollectIT team can approach debtors calmly and tactfully.

Actively pursuing the debtors and keeping our clients up to date
CollectIT has created their own software to ensure follow up of debtors occurs regularly in order to get payment for our clients. Engaging CollectIT to manage their debt, allows clients to get on with their core business.

Affordable - From debtor management to court orders and enforcement
We know that every situation is different and we make a plan with each client, specific to the circumstances. Where a steel hand in a velvet glove is required, CollectIT have the resources at hand to apply more strenuous pressure to the debt collection process. 

There are legal remedies, and CollectIT has an experienced team who know exactly how to push for a great result for their clients.Utilising the court system without charging lawyers costs ensures the whole process is cost effective for our clients and provides further remedies for clients if debtors are not paying.
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