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When can I pass an overdue account to debt collection?

Once an account is overdue you have every right to pass the debt on to CollectIT Ltd. There is no legal requirement for you to advise the debtor you are going to do this (although if you do advise them you are sending the matter to debt collection, you may increase your chance of getting paid). At CollectIT we continually see debts that are left far too long. At any time companies can be liquidated, consumers can be bankrupted and contact details can change. If a debtor is unable to be contacted, the chances of recovering your debt are very slim.Below are two debts where CollectIT was involved prior to bankruptcy and liquidation and managed to get some payments for our client.

1. CollectIT recovered a debt of $14,500. 18 months later the debtor was made bankrupt owing a total of $5.6 million to a finance company.

2. CollectIT's client acted speedily with a $3,000 debt being due in the December, passed over to CollectIT in February and the receivers took over in April, shortly followed by liquidation. CollectIT managed to recover $1,000 from this debtor.Don't delay - get your debts into CollectIT today.Contact us on 07 834 9111 or email on info@collectit.co.nz