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Talk About Your Debts Owed - It's Important!

Do you dislike talking about money – how much you have or what you are owed?
If the answer is yes, read on or watch the video, this newsletter is for you.

Talking about money can be viewed as unsavoury.

Growing up in New Zealand how many of us have been told by our parents that money matters were not to be spoken of.  What is our house worth? – that doesn’t concern you.  How much do we have in the bank? – none of your business.
If you have grown up in this environment then unsurprisingly as an adult you will find it difficult to have those conversations about money matters.
The same applies to debts we are owed.  How many of us are too embarrassed, feel awkward or even ashamed to speak about these?
It’s time to change the mindsight.
Speaking openly with friends, work colleagues and professionals provides support and advice. Guess what?  When you have a conversation about debts, 9 times out of 10 the person you are sharing the conversation with will have had a similar experience.  When you open up, that person will too.
Here at CollectIT we love to hear your stories.
We have great relationships with our clients which our testimonials show. Click here to read them.
Make a positive change for your future, get in contact with CollectIT, share your story and load your debt now.  You will be glad you did.
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