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Need Cash for Christmas?

We only have a few weeks to go before the Christmas break is upon us and that means taking action and sending any overdue debts into CollectIT, TODAY!

One of our clients, John Brosnan from Cooper Aitken Accountants, had this to say about CollectIT's service and professionalism.


There is no minimum time period in which you can engage the services of a debt collection company for overdue invoices. If you have any invoices that have not been paid by the due date, it's time to send them into CollectIT.It is always more difficult to get money from your debtors following the Christmas period, so with just 7 weeks to go until the holiday period, let CollectIT assist you in getting your slow payers paying what they owe you!
We understand that every business wants to look after their clientele and work alongside them but if your client has not paid you when the invoice was due, then it is time to take further action. The longer a debt is left, hoping that the client will be true to their word, the more difficult it is to collect.
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