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Legislation Introduced to Modernise Courts and Tribunals

On 1st August, 2017 Associate Justice Minister Mark Mitchell introduced into Parliament two new bills.
These bills are called the Court’s Matters Bill and the Tribunal’s Powers and Procedures Legislation Bill.
Viewed as enhancing the work of the Court’s and Tribunals, the Bills amongst other things have been introduced to ensure that financial thresholds and levels of Tribunals reflect the needs of society today.
Of relevance to CollectIT's clients is that the Bills raise the threshold of the Disputes Tribunal from $15,000 to $30,000.
In commenting on this aspect of the bills Mark Mitchell said this increase in jurisdiction would, if enacted, see more disputes resolved in the Disputes Tribunal providing users with a cheaper, faster alternative to a court case.
CollectIT will be following the progress of these Bills with interest.  We will keep you updated.
In the meantime, the end of another financial year is fast approaching, so get your debts into CollectIT today and improve your chance of being paid.