Ledger Management

Imagine how easily you could plan your business growth if you could be certain that the majority of your clients and customers were going to pay on time. CollectIT’s professional, tactful and quietly persistent staff will stay on the case of your late-payers, training them to pay you when due.


If your accounts receivables person doesn't like asking clients for overdue money or is too busy, then the chances are very high that this job goes to the bottom of the pile.  CollectIT takes meticulous care of your ledger management to smooth the way. Seeing you paid is our top priority.


The Process

When CollectIT is contracted to manage your ledger, the debtor is contacted as soon as payment is overdue – well before you would normally hand the matter over to debt collection. We log into your reports, work out who owes you money, and follow up straight away – ideally while your client is still in a position to pay.


The Benefits

1.       Cost Effective

Having CollectIT look after your accounts receivable will reduce your costs, thereby increasing your profit. 

2.       Cash Flow and the ability to plan ahead.

 If we work on your ledger before you need to resort to debt collection, you’ll be paid earlier and be able to make better cash flow projections. Knowing payments are more likely to be prompt will free you up to grow your business sooner or make earlier investments of your profit.

3.       Client Relationships 

Avoid the awful awkwardness that goes with chasing up a valuable client for overdue payments. When CollectIT makes the difficult calls on your behalf, you can put your efforts into the more enjoyable aspects of building great business relationships.

4.       Core Business 

You want to put your energy into keeping your service or product at its best. Helping our clients get paid in a timely fashion is what we do best.

Contact the team at CollectIT via email or 07 834 9111 and ask about our Ledger Management service.