Caci Hamilton & Caci Mt Maunganui

We have used CollectIT for the last two years.  It’s so easy and a great price for the service.

Sometimes it’s too easy to write off a bad debt as it seems too hard to follow up with the client and deal with the fall out.

Using this service takes all of that out of it. I would recommend using CollectIT.

Ross & Ange McAinch
Ph: 07 839 2993

Resultz Group

Your system was simple and easy to use. Thanks for your services – your powers are amazing!!!!

Kyly Coombes
Managing Director
Ph: 027 2234 385

Devine Accounting

... Just got around to loading that debt we spoke about months ago. For busy accountants, this was super easy to load into your system and then forget it (as it is now on your pile of things to do)!

Should have done it months ago. Cannot emphasize how easy it was to just get it done and dusted with a few clicks to load it for Collect IT to chase.

Such a good feeling.

Dee Devine
Ph: 07 282 0073

The Foam and Rubber Store Ltd / Pool and Spa2 Ltd

CollectIT’s system makes it easy to enter information and loading debts is simple and straightforward, which is helpful when I am not doing it all the time.

What I really value about the CollectIT system is that I can go into our own account and track to see what’s happening as far as work carried out on our debts. This feature is of real benefit because I can see what work CollectIT has done on my debts, and this saves me time and keeps me up to date with progress.

Since using CollectIT for our debt collection I have been very happy with their systems and the service they provide.

Sheree Bailey
Ph: 06 952 1220

Cooper Aitken Accountants Ltd

People think that a large accountancy firm is all about the numbers and the fees – it’s not.  Nothing matters more to us than helping our clients to be successful. We really care about their business and helping them achieve their goals. So consequently few things are more difficult in our office than having to chase fees for work done. And from that you can well imagine that it is extremely difficult to realise that the only way to possibly collect that income is via collection. All other options have failed.

This makes who you chose as a collection agent vital because not only do you want the money; you also still want someone who is going to be very professional, good to deal with  - even over difficult matters like old debts, someone who will make the process as positive as it could possibly be.

That someone will be from the team at CollectIT Ltd.

The team at CollectIT are easy to deal with, will represent your business well while doing a difficult job and if it is possible they will secure payments and work with you every step of the way.

So if debtors are a concern in your business and you want them handled well – give the team at CollectIT a call, it will be one of the best calls you make.

John Brosnan
Human Resources & Business Development Advisor
Ph: 07 889 8838 

Effluent Pumping Services Ltd

CollectIT is very professional and they have achieved the best results for my company.

I had been trying for months to collect a payment with lots of promises and no payment.

I contacted CollectIT, forwarded the details and within a week the debt had been collected in full along with collection costs.

Very happy client here, thanks Toni and Cath.

Sheree Small
Ph: 021 497 707

Oz Auto Moulds & Rubbers

Thanks for all you work on this, I wish the guys over here could chase money like CollectIT!!!

Michael Bourke
Victoria, Australia
Phn:   +61 3 9703 1522

CN Brooking Trust

I have not had much experience with bad debtors so when I had two outstanding invoices, I rang three debt collection companies. I felt well attended by CollectIT from the very first conversation, whereas felt the other companies were not that interested.

I feel that good service is so important in business and CollectIT certainly provided excellent service.

Communication from CollectIT was always really good. Not only were they polite and professional, but everything was explained to me clearly.

I felt everything was handled well by CollectIT and both debts were paid quickly. I wondered why I hadn’t engaged their services earlier.

I would recommend CollectIT to anybody with unpaid debts.

Charles Brooking
Ph: 021 255 9360

SPINCO Technology Ltd

We were finding it hard to fit in the kind of regular contact that’s needed to ensure late payers and debtors were receiving the kind of ongoing reminders that some of them needed. Employing CollectIT for our ledger management has given us significant savings in admin time, freeing us up to do what we do best – keeping people’s IT issues sorted.

CollectIT definitely does an outstanding job. They act as a member of our staff, so debtors are not given the sense that they have a debt collection agency breathing down their necks. We are impressed with their skills at dealing with debtors. They have all the answers to typical debtor responses at their fingertips. We have never lost a customer from the work they have done. CollectIT does my business proud.

Nicholas Spicer
Ph: 021 264 4291


My company called on Catherine's debt collection expertise and she was every bit the professional.

Catherine was diligent, professional, hard-working and kept us in the loop the entire time.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Catherine or using her services again.

Julie South
Ph: 07 854 7191

From a debtor (via email)

You are amazing. Thank you so much for understanding. Once I get out of this hole I've got myself into, I am happy to increase the payments to get rid of this.

In the mean time If you need anything let me know.

Xtreme Clean Waikato Ltd

We first engaged CollectIT’s Ledger Management service in July 2014 when our business had a serious amount of debtors in our ledger at 90 days or over.

Initially we were hesitant due to the fact that our invoice amounts were small but plentiful. It quickly showed to be a very good business decision.

Four months later there are no outstanding debtors in the 90 day category – we are impressed. We have also received very few customer callbacks or queries in regards to being followed up. The customers have responded well.

John Whyte
Upper North Island Manager
0800 366 292

Accountability Net Ltd

We have used both the Ledger Management and debt collection services at CollectIT for several months and have received payment for accounts that were long overdue for payment. Some of our more errant debtors have finally paid and this has meant that we have a healthier bank account, reduced stress and we identify issues with clients must faster.

This has meant that we are able to focus on the business rather than chasing debt. We strongly recommend discussing your debtor issues with the professionals at CollectIT.

Michael McCook
Ph: 09 477 2400

Darrell Paterson

..... Again thanks for your help and follow up.
Not sure how long you have been in business but your ethics , professionalism and communication have been outstanding.

Ariel Accounting

When I engaged CollectIT to carry out Ledger Management for a client of mine, it was a huge weight off my mind. I knew that I could leave it to the team at CollectIT and the slow payers would get followed up every week. The calls were always extremely professional, yet friendly and the feedback from the customers being followed up was always very positive. However, the whole reason for outsourcing the ledger management was cashflow, and the difference CollectIT made was massive and immediate. Thank you!

Sarah Cowan
Ph: 021 0226 9225

Hamilton Workingmen’s Club

Using CollectIT was a quick, easy and simple way to solve a problem that had become insurmountable. The service provided by CollectIT was great; from the information at the beginning … the updates along the way ... and the final summary of settlement. All of this saved me from having to continually go back through my bank accounts to check on payments. The debt owing had become an everyday burden which CollectIT took care of. We would not hesitate to use them again.

Margaret Picknell
Secretary/HOD Administration 
Ph: 07 847 6476

From a Debtor (via text)

Pleasure doing business with you, lol. If I hear of people that need your service I will put your name forward. You have the personal touch in a difficult business.

Ross Hyland

Excellent work by Collect IT resulting in very successful outcomes.

Toni is very approachable and professional in all her dealings and I would definitely recommend Collect IT to others. Thank you and ‘well done’ Toni.

Deborah Hide-Bayne

That is fantastic! I am so thrilled to get the whole amount back; that's a much better result than I expected. I have also been very happy with your clear communication and approachable manner.

I will definitely use you again should the need arise, and will happily recommend you to others.

GJ Murtagh Family Trust

Thanks for all your work with my debt. You were a big help. If I have any other situations, I will be ringing you again.

Garry Murtagh

Winning Enterprises (2007) Limited

My discussions with other collection agencies and reading around the issue had left me still rather unclear about how to proceed. This mattered because debt collection is a new area for me and it would be all too easy to throw good money after bad. You gave me more options than the others and in a much clearer and more succinct manner. I appreciated that, and when combined with reasonable up-front charges, I was comfortable about engaging your firm to collect the debt.

Philip Petch
Ph: 07 854 7028

Evans Bailey Lawyers

CollectIT’s service is superior to other companies we’ve used in the past. I am impressed with their ability to get money out of people quickly when we have been chasing them for some time.

Catherine Starr
Ph: 07 834 6458

Media Works Southern Lakes, Central Otago

Bloody fantastic news thank you.

Carla Creighton
Office Manager
Ph: 03 9010810

DRK Chartered Accountants

CollectIT have made it so easy for us! When we’ve used other debt collectors in the past, somehow it has always been difficult. We are rapt with CollectIT’s service and their results.

Judy Radford
Office Manager
Ph: 09 236 0437

Dean Freight International Limited

Well done CollectIT – thanks for your patience in collecting this debt.

Stuart Smith
Managing Director
Ph: 07 847 4784

Ian J Orr & Associates: Accounting Plus

You guys are legends!

Julie Orr
Office Manager
Ph: 07 855 5300

Lake Street Auto Services

We are very impressed with your work and how soon you get onto the debt for us.Thanks very much for that. 
It is wonderful dealing with someone who does their job so well. We appreciate your efforts very much. 

Our account manager from the debt collection company we had used in the past came to see us last week. I told him our new debt collection agency had better results in 1 month than they had in a year. 

As you can gather he was not very happy. 

That is not our problem. Your gain their loss. 

Gaileen Geary 
Office Manager 
Ph: 07 827 3880

Leamington Motor Services

Just so you know we are really impressed with your service! Love the way you keep in touch..it’s awesome.

Andrea Torcetti 
Office Manager 
Ph: 07 827 7340

Silbery Longrun Limited

I approached CollectIT Ltd because I was frustrated with previous attempts to professionally debt collect.

CollectIT have successfully debt collected a number of extremely difficult clients for us and we are delighted with their results and no nonsense professional approach.

Angie Silbery-Dee 
Managing Director 
Ph: 04 526 9343

Rawhiti Finance Limited

We used to use a large debt collection company but were not getting results from them. From 15 files we had sent them, we were lucky to have received one lot of payment back. 

Since changing to CollectIT Ltd we have been extremely happy with the results they are achieving for our company and the feedback they provide. Every month we get an update on our files, plus money! Their follow up is excellent and if anything changes with our debtors we are informed. 

Shannan Read 
Office Manager 
Ph: 07 888 7033